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Zip Forms Renewal

Posted on 04-13-2010


Our renewal is due and a decision needs to be made very soon. Very few people are currently taking advantage of Zip Forms. To properly get a quote for the cost I will need to know the number of people that would like to continue using the product.


Last year we made a purchase for everyone in an attempt to show you the product. Since then we have added many forms to our own site. The only differences are the storage of files and the auto populating feature in Zip Forms.


Once I have the proposed number of users I can get a quote to forward to you. I would like to have this completed this week. The cost will be yours this year and costs are based on the number of users.


Please send an email to respondtoremax@gmail.com  this week with your “yes” or “no” as to whether you want a quote for continuing to use Zip Forms. If I hear from you I will contact you once I have the price. If I do not hear from you I will consider that notice that you are not interested in continuing having access to Zip Forms.









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